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Teaser & Introduction film

Short Fil (Teaser) and Introduction Film Shooting

If you want to tell a story, best way is to make creative introduction film. Introduction films have great effect on customer such as permanence and trust and with the right message you will rise above our competitors..

Corporate Introduction Film

It’s crucial to present your company in easy and right way. Because of that this kind of introductory videos has been shared a lot on social media and mostly have lots of viewers. Good introduction film can present your company just the way you want it in your budget. Corporate introduction films makes you to reach more people.

Factory Introduction Films

Factories are separated to different different sections because of their big size. Each section has different production line and product changes through those lines. It’s important to determine where to focus or tell a story about raw material to product. Also you may want to have general introduction movie or have different scenario on this matter.

Firm Introduction Video

It’s crucial to have firm introduction video to tell your story to outside. Today internet is very poplular and expanding to everywhere, that’s why it help a lot to have good introduction video that makes the perfect advertisement of the company.

Commercial Film Shooting

Commercial films increase the trust of your brand for your target customers. Customers will trust your products. Also the people watch TV learn or acknowledge your products and helps to have brand recognition. It’s most obvious that commercial films add a lot to your brand value.

Preparing Social Media Video

We are giving service to prepare video production and creation, animations, social medias such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. We also provide social media management services including creating content, video, pictures, all in one service.

Product Introduction Film

first we prepare video scenario according to target market, video target, product or service introduction or anything you want show to your customers. This videos mostly focuses on product features and benefits. That’s how customer can learn what is the product, how to use it or what are the benefits providing them.

Virtual Reality

We can create a nonexistent place and make your customers experience the difference on any website. We can add animation such closing curtains and more. We can change the TV channels. We can make you live an amazing experience with sound, vibration and image affects.

Introduction Film Prices

Introduction film prices depends on the content of the video. There are lots of factor that change the prices of the film. Couple of the majors ones are the equipment and team need for the project. Also time period changes the prices too. The video is going to be how many minutes, montage and fiction variate the prices.

The Equipments we are using on Introduction Film

We have the all the necessary equipments that need for introduction film. We are using the best camera, objective, tripod, monitor, microphone etc…



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